New York Times Praises Hacienda Del Plata Zagal Malbec

June 16th, 2008  |  Published in Featured Wines, Hacienda del Plata

Hacienda del Plata

A recent article in the New York Times has us filled with excitement. Singing the praises of affordable New World wines, a panel of wine experts lined up 25 Argentine Malbecs (all under $25).

One of our favourite artisan winemakers was highlighted as their top pick. Hacienda Del Plata’s 2004 Zagal Malbec was noted as the panel’s favourite and also considered the best value of the bunch.

Congrats to our friends Juan Dallape, Nico Gonzalez, Pablo Gonzalez, and Hugo Galiotti at Hacienda Del Plata, for the much deserved recognition. Here at the Woodside Wine Appreciation Club in Ontario, we’re very much looking forward to tasting this “dense, aromatic and full of fruit; beautifully balanced and dry” wine, and your subsequent Zagal Malbec vintages in the near future.